Helix Presets

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Clint’s Dual Amp

(For Helix LT and floor only).

This is my main preset, I use this on most of my heavier YouTube videos!


– 8 snapshots & stomp mode setup
– Dual amps,  Essex A30 & Brit J45 Brt
– Optimized effects including compression, distortion, delays, reverbs, modulations, wah & volume pedal and more.
– multiple snapshot parameters dialed in to perfection, including gate, amp levels, delay mix and much more.

Currently updated to work with Helix 3.5 cab updates, so update your Helix!

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Hear it below!

Hear this Helix patch on the following album recordings.

More presets coming soon!

All is Calm, All is Bright

Christmas EP (2022)


6 Song Instrumental EP (2021)

The King Has Come

Christmas EP (2018)